Hello, my name is Alysa and I’m from the US.

I’m a total book nerd who adores reading a variety of different books. On this blog I will be posting reviews of books I have been reading, books I plan on reading, and participating in fun bookish tags. Occasionally I will post unboxings and product reviews of various bookish items.

You can find me on:

Instagram- @_elephant_tales

Twitter- @_elephant_tales

Goodreads- Alysa

Review Policy

I would love to accept copies of books to read (both print and ebook, with print being preferred). If I accept a book to review, I will make every effort to have the review up a month after it is received or when the book is released. My review will also be published on Goodreads. Reviews may be published on Amazon as well. My reviews are always of my own opinions.

Genres I prefer:

  • YA
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Horror
  • Dystopian
  • Fiction
  • Contemporary (on occasion)

Genres I currently won’t review:

  • Academia books
  • Non-fiction
  • Picture books

My rating system is the typical 5 star system:

  • 5 STARS – I love this book! I would reread this book & constantly recommend. This will definitely be on my bookshelf!
  • 4 STARS – This is a great book. I really enjoyed reading the book, would definitely recommend it to others and would highly consider adding to my bookshelf.
  • 3 STARS – It’s an okay/decent book. I enjoyed it but it was missing something for me. I might purchase it and would recommend to others with caution (AKA please read my non-spoilery review).
  • 2 STARS – I didn’t like the book. There wasn’t anything that grabbed and held my attention while reading or if there was, it wasn’t enough. I would not purchase this book or recommend to others.
  • 1 STAR – I disliked the book or DNF (did not finish). I would definitely not purchase this book or recommend to others. If a book was a DNF I will state so. (1 STAR and DNF are combined because I cannot not rate a book on Goodreads).


Happy Reading!